Here’s what the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will look like


The long awaited launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is almost upon us and the device is set to be the most powerful yet.

Some official looking images of the device were revealed on Twitter by well known “leakster” Evan Blass. These are the most detailed images that we have seen so far of the device.

The pictures show a polished looking device that appears to look very similar to the Galaxy S7 which was released in March of this year but the rear panel had “Galaxy Note 7” imprinted on it.

The Note will replace the fingerprint scanner with an iris scanner which is a very brave decision considering that every other mobile device appears to fitted with a fingerprint scanner.

In another leak by, an Indian tech site, there were claims that the device would have some impressive translation features.

These come in the form of a new dictionary and speaking service that will quickly translate spoken words from one language to another – perhaps more reliable than trying type a word.

The news comes at a time when all Android phones are set to receive a software boost in the form of Android Nougat which is due to be released later in the year.

The new features will include extended battery life and power performance thanks to a feature known as Doze which puts the phone in a low power mode when it isn’t moving.

The release of Nougat will mean better support for VR games and apps, linking in with the Google Daydream VR headset and a night mode will also reduce the amount of light that your devices gives off in periods of darkness.


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