Here’s why iPhone users should NEVER say “108” to Siri


If you receive a message telling you to say the number 108 to Siri, whatever you do, don’t do it.

The latest viral plank that is doing the rounds on social media urges iPhone users to give it a try. Some claim that by doing you will receive a free takeaway pizza or unlock a load of hidden commands for Apple’s digital assistant.

But the ‘prank’ could actually get you in a fair bit of trouble and have serious ramifications if you decide to follow through with it.

This is because saying “108” to Siri is a shortcut for making a call to the emergency services and works regardless of what country you are located in.

Despite its stupidity the prank is being widely shared across Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Instead of falling for the prank, you can ask Siri some fun stuff like “what is the meaning of like?” and “do you believe in God?”

Source: BBC


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