Here’s why men shouldn’t keep a smartphone in their pocket


A new study has warned against men keeping their smartphone in their pocket.

A series of new research papers on the threat posed by mobile phone radiation have found that keeping a smartphone close to you genitals for a prolonged period of time massively decreases a man’s sperm count, the Daily Mail reported.

The study also suggests that any surviving sperm is also severely damaged from smartphone radiation.

Researchers from the University of Newcastle in Australia analysed sperm samples of a period of ten years to try and find a trend and identify any potential causes.

“While this subject remains a topic of active debate, this review has considered the growing body of evidence suggesting a possible role for RF-EMR [radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation]induced damage of the male germ line”, read the study.


The researchers found that over exposure to smartphone radiation resulted in an 8 percent decrease in sperm motility, with sperm viability also reduced by around 9 percent.

The Mail goes onto report that approximately 14 percent of couples globally have difficulty in conceiving, with infertility in men responsible about 40 percent of the time.

Dr Joel Moskowitz of University of California, Berkeley added that the study was an important step in helping to understand the dangers and potential health implications from smartphone phones.

“[The] review is clear evidence that men should not store their cellphones near their genitals.

“In this line of research more intense cellphone radiation leads to more sperm damage”, Dr Moskowitz said.


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