Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the fastest smartphone ever made


Samsung were due some good news after the disastrous Note 7 which dampened the year after the Galaxy S7 Edge was arguably the best phone of the year.

Not surprisingly then, Samsung are looking for the Galaxy S8 to be something special.

The S8 is expected to have a larger screen, a new and improved camera along with a curved display but it is also predicted to be the fastest Android device ever with the company actively working with Qualcomm to achieve this.

The next processor will be the Qualcomm 835 and will be the fastest that they have ever produced. On top of being fast, the 835 will be more efficient helping with the age old problem of battery life and performance.

At this stage we don’t know too much about the chip with more information being revealed at CES 2017 in January but one major detail was revealed last week and that was that the processor will be the thinnest on the market.

The fact that the processor is so thin means that the next generation smartphones can be thinner devices which will also allow for larger batteries and more hardware features.

The 835 will appear in the first quarter of 2017 meaning that Samsung’s S8 will probably be the first device to have the new processor.

According to rumours, the S8 will be available in two different versions, the S8 and S8 Plus. The standard Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to include a 5.7 inch screen, which is significantly larger than the the 5.1 inch display of the Galaxy S7.

The S8 Plus is expected to have a 6.2 inch screen that will be an edge-to-edge display.

Samsung users may have to wait slightly longer for the device as it is not expected to be ready for the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona as they want to avoid any further problems.


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