Here’s why you really shouldn’t download the latest Windows 10 update


Microsoft has been forced to apologise after a rogue version of a Windows 10 update was accidentally rolled out to users.

The update was found to be full of bugs and was accidentally released well ahead of its intended schedule.

Luckily, the issue doesn’t affect the vast majority of users as those signed up to the Windows 10 Insider programme are the ones most affected.

However, The Verge reports the rogue update still managed to find its way to a small number of mobile retail versions of Windows 10.

Once installed the update caused chaos for the unfortunate users, sending their device into a reboot loop, with the only way to solve the issue being a complete recover and wipe of the device using the Windows Device Recovery Tool.

“Builds from some of our internal branches were accidentally released for PC and Mobile,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

“This happened because an inadvertent deployment to the engineering system that controls which builds / which rings to push out to insiders.”

“If you received this build (from RS_EDGE_CASE) on your PC: Please be aware that this build was never intended to go out to Windows Insiders and may include issues that impact usability of your PC – more so than the normal builds we give you,” the company added.

“You can either sit tight and wait for us to publish a newer build to you or you can roll-back to the previous build.” the manufacturer said in a statement”, users were advised.

Users can roll back to the previous version by going to Settings > Update & security > Recovery.


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