Here’s why you should NEVER buy a ‘new’ iPhone from China


A new clip has emerged showing Chinese workers repackaging old iPhones and packaging them as new.

The start of the video shows a lady wiping down and old model before plastic screen protectors are replaced and a coating added to the rear.

The iPhone is then repackaged in a classic Apple box that is also assembled on the premises and the phone is now ready to be sold on as ‘new’.

The final addition is official looking stickers that make the device appear the same as genuine new phones that are manufactured around the world.

iPhone from China

The phone are then put in heat sealed packaging and vacuum packed to give the appearance of never having been opened.

This is certainly not a new scam with literally hundreds of warnings appear all over the internet advising people not to buy an iPhone from China.

The devices far from measure up to the genuine articles on the tech front and the devices don’t even support Apple software which is certainly something of a giveaway!

On an amusing note, an iPhone was recently spotted by an Apple executive appearing in what was thought to be a 350 year old painting – so you can see that the clamour for the iconic iPhone dates back through the ages!



  1. Ummm….why would you buy an “overpriced” iPhone? Unless you are a dedicated follower of bling.

  2. don’t worry I will never buy any iPhone. But I thought that ALL iPhones are made in China!!! So is this a covered advice to not buy any iPones???