Here’s why you should NEVER post a photo of your boarding pass on social media


Posting a photo of your boarding pass just before you jet off on holiday might seem like the perfect way to brag to your friends, but it could get you in all kinds of trouble.

By posting this kind of image on Twitter or Facebook you have essentially just given away your personal details to anyone who wants them, according to a new report by

Someone could also use the photo of your boarding pass to login to the Manage Booking section of your airline and access your full flight details and passport number using you passenger name and booking reference number.

That person could even get a full breakdown of the cost of your flights, as well as find out the last four digits of the credit card used to book the tickets.

If that wasn’t enough, if someone really wanted to cause you problems, they could cancel your flight or book you onto another flight altogether – with you being left to foot the bill.

And of course by having access to your flight information, potential thieves would also know exactly when you are away from home and for how long.

And it is not just a matter of making sure you cover your name and booking reference.

This is perhaps taking it to the extreme but if someone had access to a barcode scanning app or device, then all they would need is the barcode from your boarding pass and they would be able to acquire all of the information mentioned above.

So there you have it, protect yourself from possible identity theft and think twice before posting a photo of a boarding pass to Facebook or Instagram. Let’s be honest, people probably aren’t that bothered you are going on holiday anyway.

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