Here’s why you sometimes think your phone is vibrating when it isn’t


Do you ever think your smartphone is vibrating or ringing when it isn’t?

If so, you might be suffering from “phantom vibration syndrome”, which could be a sign you are addicted to your smartphone, researchers have claimed.

A recent study carried out by the Georgia Institute of Technology says that people are now so dependant on their smartphones they suffer from a phenomenon known as “phantom communication experiences”.

The phenomenon occurs when users think they have received a message, call or some other notification, yet when they check their phone the screen is blank.

The study claims the phenomenon is caused by “learned bodily habits” and is a form of hallucination.

According to the study, we use our smartphones so much that the brain is tricked into thinking that they are essentially part of our bodies and the regular buzzing and beeping from alerts and notifications leave many users in a constant state of anticipation.

Dr Robert Rosenberger, assistant professor at Georgia Institute of Technology added: “People then perceive other sensations such as movement of clothing of muscle spasms as vibrations from your mobile, but it’s just a hallucination.”

“One recent study of undergraduates reports that 90 per cent of them say that they’ve experienced these phantom vibrations,” Dr Rosenberger told the BBC.

Dr Rosenberger said that people are “just so anxious these days, because of all of our different technologies”, that many uses are left “on edge”.

“We are more inclined to be jumpy and feel something in our pocket as a phantom vibration,” he added.


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