Here’s why your iPhone suddenly keeps asking for your passcode or PIN


If you are using an iPhone running iOS 9 or above you may have noticed that you have been asked for your PIN or passcode much more frequently than you were before.

And if you haven’t started to be asked for your passcode, you soon will.

This is because Apple has boosted the security in iOS 9 and all of its other subsequent updates to prompt users to enter their passcode in their iPhone or iPad if it hasn’t been unlocked with a PIN or passcode at any time during the previous six days.

Users are also being prompted if their device hasn’t been unlocked using Touch ID for at least eight hours.

Therefore, if you lock your iPhone or iPad before you go to bed, sleep for eight hours or longer, and then unlock it in the morning, you will now be asked for your passcode.

Apple has updated its iOS security settings

Apple has updated its iOS security settings

While these new security measures will help to make device more secure, it is said they are not a result of the recent San Bernardino case.

Apple site MacWorld reports that the security updates had been planned well in advance of the case.

Apple has not made any announcement about the new requirements other than updating its official iOS Security Guide where it explains that the passcode is required if it “has not been used to unlock the device in the last six days and Touch ID has not unlocked the device in the last eight hours.”

Users were previously prompted to enter their passcode in order to remain active, such as shutting down the device or rebooting, keeping the device locked for 48 hours, adding new fingerprints for Touch ID or the fingerprint scan had failed five times.



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