Here’s why your phone battery dies even when it says it has power


You’re plugging away with 6 percent battery when just like that…it’s gone – and normally at a time when you need it the most.

We’ve all been there.

Desperate to make that all important call or send a message and your phone says it has enough juice left, then unexpectedly it shuts down.

There are few things more annoying.

A new study claims to have found the reason why your phone battery dies, even when it says it has some power left.

A report by Mark Smirniotis for Wirecutter has revealed that the battery percentage displayed by your phone probably isn’t correct as smartphones are generally unable to show a true representation of the amount of power left in the battery.

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The amount or percentage of battery displayed is more like a ‘guesstimate’ as opposed to some kind of accurate reading.

Smirniotis compares the reading to if you were to try and guess the amount of water inside a barrel.

smartphone battery life

Image: Wirecutter

Smirniotis says that the voltage of a smartphone battery is comparable to the pressure inside the water barrel. If you were to suddenly drill a hole in the side of a barrel full of water, the pressure would force the water to shoot out at high speed. However, a barrel with a small amount of water would trickle out more slowly.

Similar to the pressure inside the water barrel which lowers as more water starts to leak out of the hole, the amount of voltage in the smartphone battery starts to reduce as it runs out power.

Although, Smirniotis adds that the analogy isn’t so straightforward as battery voltage does of course fluctuate depending on what apps or services you may be running on your phone at any given time.


Therefore, the battery life displayed on your phone is only partly accurate and your battery life can be improved by closing down apps running in the background or switching to airplane mode.

Image: Wirecutter

Image: Wirecutter

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Even the newest lithium batteries which feature in the latest flagship smartphones lose about three percent of their charge each month, the report claims.

Your smartphone battery can also lose charge as it is exposed to high temperatures or different charging conditions.

smartphone battery life

Image: Wirecutter

Microscopic crystals also build up on the battery which prevent it from being able to hold as much power as it did previously.

Smirniotis compares this to ice building up in your freezer as you open and close the door.

Sadly, Smirniotis adds that there is no fix to solve these type of smartphone battery issues.

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