The hidden features on airplanes you never knew existed


There are two hidden features on airplanes that most passengers don’t know exist.

Some of which may even help to make your flight in economy just a little more bearable.

The hidden features include a very useful handrail that could save you from an embarrassing stumble onto a fellow passenger to a hidden button which proves why you should always choose an aisle seat.

According to top travel site Conde Nast Traveller, planes less than 15 years old have a hidden handrail located just beneath the overhead lockers.

Too busy putting away their hand luggage, most passengers don’t even notice the handrail is there but next time you are on a plane, take notice of the cabin crew who use the handrail to steady themselves as they move around the plane.

The handrail is there to prevent crew and passengers from grabbing the headrests on seats, which could disturb other passengers.

The handrail isn’t the only feature on a plane that you may not know about.

This next one could be a game changer if you travel in economy, especially on long haul flights.

Few people know that there is a secret button on each aisle seat that allows you to raise the armrest so that it is flush to the side of the seat.

To find the button, feel under the armrest where it is located close to the hinge.

The button, which generally isn’t publicised by airlines was added to seats to help passengers escape more quickly in the event of an emergency.

It is also used by cabin crew to help passengers with limited or restricted mobility get in and out of their seats.

By raising the armrest you can give yourself just that little bit extra room, which can make all the difference, especially in economy.

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