Highly sophisticated hackers are planning to “take down the internet”, security expert warns


A leading security expert has warned that hackers are planning one of the most advanced cyber attacks ever in order to “take down the internet”.

Renowned online security expert Bruce Schneier has warned that hackers have stepped up cyber attacks against the key organisations whose job it is to keep the internet online.

These highly sophisticated cyber attacks are said to be part of an ongoing campaign to cause widespread disruption to the internet and major online services.

Schneier is now warning organisations of the need to step up their security protection in order to ensure the world has access to the internet and important online services remain intact.

Schneier issued his warning after what he says is a huge increase in cyber attacks on those organisations responsible for key online infrastructure.

Schneier says the attacks are “precisely calibrated” and are believed to have originated from either Russia or China, with hackers carrying out a series of sustained DDoS attacks to knock key websites and infrastructure offline.

The DDoS attacks carried out by the hackers are “significantly larger” and longer lasting than anything seen before.

The hackers also seem to be trying to find out exactly what kind of security systems are in place at these organisations, with different attacks targeting different systems.

Schneier also noted that the amount of data used in the attacks is increasing.

“Someone is extensively testing the core defensive capabilities of the companies that provide critical internet services”, said Schneier.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Schneier says that “nothing” can be done to stop the attacks.

“This is happening. And people should know”, Schneier added.

Via: BBC


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