Microsoft demos ‘mixed reality gaming’ on HoloLens with Minecraft


Microsoft’s new HoloLens virtual reality device was shown off on the stage at E3 on Monday, where the company showed off mixed reality gaming and its popular Minecraft game.

HoloLens’ mixed reality gaming

Minecraft developer Mojang showed off the device during a presentation where the HoloLens was used to interact with Minecraft as projected onto a table.

The HoloLens virtual reality glasses create an illusion where virtual worlds are mixed with the real world on the goggles themselves. In the demo, a map of Minecraft was placed on a table and the user could interact with the map, items, and characters in the game. Another user also took part in the demo using a Minecraft character controlled by a Microsoft Surface.

HoloLens Minecraft

However, no details of the release date or price were revealed. Microsoft said that HoloLens will support a full version of Minecraft that allows players to explore the world in 3D.

The company unveiled HoloLens in January this year, and managed to generate quite a lot of excitement about the prototype product. The company is obviously betting its figure on virtual reality as it has partnered with Oculus Rift and game maker Valve.

HoloLens Minecraft

HoloLens looks like a plastic headband with a glass display over the wearer’s eyes, but it contains what Microsoft says is a high end computer and an in-house holographic processing unit. The visor is see through and it projects images directly over what the user sees, giving the illusion of virtual and physical worlds combined.

SOURCE: Apple Insider.


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