2016 Honda Accord to be first car with Android Auto built-in


It was back in June of 2014 that Google first showed off Android Auto, with a variety of car makers saying they’d sign on to support the in-car tech. One of the launch partners was Honda, and despite the fact that company said they’d support the system from the start there’s been no sign of it yet…Today however Honda has announced at an event in Silicon Valley that it will add Android Auto support to its cars in 2016.

Android Auto coming to 2016 Accord

At the event, the head of Honda America’s Research and Development division said the company would support both Android Auto and Apple’s competing system, CarPlay, in upcoming models. To begin with, the very first car that will support it will be the 2016 Honda Accord.

In terms of the decision to support both CarPlay and Android Auto, Honda said “It’s only the beginning”, which seems to indicate that it will support multiple systems going forward. It’s still not clear though when any other of Honda’s cars in the range will come with Android Auto and CarPlay.

Would you connect your Android smartphone to your car’s dashboard display? is it a useful piece of technology or just a gimmick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

SOURCE: 9to5Google.com.


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