Honda unveils self-balancing motorcycle that doesn’t fall over


For most of us here in Thailand, motorcycles are a way of life – whether we like it or not.

They come with their attached dangers and risks and now Japanese motor company, Honda have may be come up with an idea that could make everything just that little bit safer.

Their latest invention, is a motorbike that can stand upright with or without a passenger onboard.

The company has devised the technology from an earlier project of developing a walking humanoid.

The robot known as Asimo, was a self-standing humanoid that could run and dance.

The concept was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show and will be known as, for the moment anyway, Riding Assist-e.

It is an all-electric concept model that constantly monitors its position and adjusts the handlebars accordingly to stay upright.

The idea is not completely new as a number of manufacturers have experimented with gyroscopes in the past, said Hiroyuki Nakata, the engineer behind the idea.

“But if you wanted to keep something as heavy as a motorcycle standing, you need a large and heavy gyroscopic device and you need to keep turning it,” he said.

Honda’s device is far smaller than those used in the past and can be fitted above the front wheel. Not surprisingly, when the system is turned off the bike falls over when stationery, but when turned on, the bike stands upright.

“Our vision is to put this on large motorcycles as well as small ones used for the daily commute,” Nakata said.


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