Huawei unveils quad-core Honor Holly budget Android phone


Huawei-owned brand Honor is about to release a new budget Android phone called “Holly”, which is definitely cheap but are its features up to scratch? The new phone was announced in a press event in London today.


Honor Holly: a cheap but very capable Android mobile

Later this month Honor will launch the Holly –  its latest budget Android phone which costs an almost unbelievable (i.e. inexpensive) £110 in the UK, but if you preregister you will be able to buy it for an unspecified discount (depending on how many people register) during the next four days.

It’s certainly pretty decent in terms of the features – it’s a 5-inch phone with a 720p HD display, 16 GB of storage and a quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. It also has dual SIM card slots as standard, a feature which is especially popular in parts of Asia.

The Holly runs Android version 4.4 out of the box. On the back of the device there’s an 8 Megapixel F2.0 camera, and a 2 Megapixel one on the front (presumably for taking selfies). Honor says there is also a five optical lens arrangement with improved light capture and a macro mode.

The full specifications can be found here (GSM Arena).

HTC Honor Holly

The Honor is set to retail for just £109.99 ($167) in the UK, but the company says that anyone who registers before it actually ships on February 23 will receive a lower price. After the promotion is over, the price will return to normal, and anyone who registers doesn’t have to commit to buying one. What a deal!

The Honor appears to strike the right balance between specifications and price, and should do well in a market saturated with cheap Android phones, considering the features and hardware seem to tick all the right boxes.

There isn’t yet any official word on whether it will launch in Thailand and other parts of Asia, but it’s likely to in the future as it’s certain to appeal to more cost-conscious buyers who want maximum bang for the buck. It is expected to cost around 5,000 baht when it does make it to Thailand.