Hospital app aims to reduce patient waiting time


Seven public hospitals will use an app in a pilot project to reduce the time patients have to wait to see their doctors, Public Health Minister Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn said on Wednesday.

He said the app is being developed by the Medical Services Department and will be ready in three months.

The hospitals in the trial will be the Metta Pracharak Hospital, the Central Chest Institute of Thailand, Rajavithi Hospital, the Institute of Dermatology, the Institute of Dentistry, the Prasat Neurological Institute, and the National Cancer Institute.

Piyasakol said the app will link to a patient database at each hospital and will be used to create doctors’ schedules as well as managing the waiting queue.

 The app will inform each patient how long they have to wait and the specific time that they will see the doctor. This means patients will be able to do other things instead of waiting for hours at the hospital, Piyasakol said.

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