How to grow avocados? This nifty new tech gadget helps you grow them at home


It is true that the avocado is one of nature’s greatest gifts.

Packed full of healthy fats that offer a wide range of benefits from keeping your heart and brain healthy and reducing inflammation, to boosting your complexion and even helping to slow down the aging process of your skin.

But there is currently a global shortage of avocados, which for Guacamole fans and clean eaters the world over is pretty terrible news.

Not only that, avocados can be pretty expensive in the Thailand, especially the ones on sale at that supermarket which specialises in imported food products.

Sure, Thai avocados are pretty good and more reasonably priced than their imported cousins but if you live outside of Chiang Mai or northern Thailand they can actually be pretty difficult to get hold of.

The good news is that a Canadian tech startup has launched AvoSeedo, which enables people to grow avocados at home.


AvoSeedo has been launched after its inventor, Daniel Kalliontzis, successfully gained almost 1.8 million baht in funding from a Kickstarter campaign.

AvoSeedo is a little plastic bowl that is shaped like an avocado and which includes a circular indentation inside. It is in the indentation where you place a peeled avocado seed.

The whole thing should then be placed inside a bowl of water which will allow the seed to germinate, which can take anywhere from two weeks to three months, so you will need to make sure you keep the water in the bowl topped up every couple of weeks.

In fact, when growing avocados, it’s very much a case of good things come to those who wait, given that it can take anywhere from five to fifteen years before an avocado tree is mature enough to grow fruit.

AvoSeedo is available from just under 500 baht and the company offers free shipping worldwide.


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