How to opt out of controversial new Facebook setting


As reported last week, Facebook is now able to track all of your internet activity regardless of if you have a Facebook profile or not.

Currently, as you look around around Facebook, data on what you look at, what you search for and so on is collected and from this Facebook tries to establish what your interests are, in order to serve you advertisements.

It is fair to say that not everyone appreciates this snooping but there is no need to panic just yet as you can turn this off via the Facebook ad settings.

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In actual fact it is pretty simple and David Carroll a professor of media design shared his tips on how to do it on Twitter after discovering that Facebook had defaulted him back to ad tracking and targeting.

Here is how you opt of the controversial new Facebook setting:

1. Go to Facebook settings (top right hand corner)
2. On the left side bar – click adverts
3. Simply change every ‘yes’ to a ‘no’ for all options

You can also check on the different types of adverts Facebook wants to show you by following these steps:

1. Select ‘Your Advert Preferences’
2. This will display a list where you can delete and add as you see fit
3. Obviously, the more you remove, the less you see
4. Adverts WILL still appear but they won’t be tailored specifically at you


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  1. I am not a FB user, but would an Adblock addon not help prevent this? on top of this, I have learned my Privacy Badger to block all that smells to FB