How to protect your social media accounts from hackers


The risk of getting hacked via your social media account is increasing all the time.

Here are 7 ways to protect your accounts from attack whilst still uploading selfies and posting on social media:

Third Party Apps

Where possible do not link other apps to your social media. This doesn’t mean stop using third party applications just try not to link them to your social media as this could compromise your information. Also, avoid apps that request to post on your social media or at least review which ones you do allow to post.

Secure Your Device

You probably access social media most from your smartphone so make sure that it is password or PIN protected and where possible, enable fingerprint scanning. Individuals can still break into your smartphone even if it’s locked so try to have the option to erase all information remotely.

Use Strong Passwords

Most people use the same password for their email and social media. Make sure that you have different passwords for all your accounts. And rather than thinking of a password, use a ‘passphrase’ that includes a selection of words, and which also uses upper and lower case letters, numbers and other character.

Password Managers

Remembering lots of different passwords can be difficult so you could use a Password Manager such as Dashlane or LastPass to assist you.

Logging In On Different devices

Be careful when logging onto social media from locations that aren’t trustworthy or secure such as public hotspots or coffee shops. If you do, make sure you log out and delete your history.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication will send a code via email or text to verify that it is you logging into your account. You can also setup alerts for all your accounts so you are aware of any suspicious activity.

Suspicious Links

We all know that links can be dangerous so make sure you only open the ones where you know where the content comes from.


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