How to stop Facebook from tracking your every move


Whether you’re trying to cover your tracks or just want to be in control of what data you share from your smartphone or tablet, here’s how you can turn off Facebook’s location settings.

You probably had no idea that Facebook is tracking your every move.

Every time you check in at a location, you’re giving Facebook permission to access all kinds of information that determines what pops up in your News Feed and even who appears under ‘people you may know’.

Perhaps you have noticed that after you have checked in somewhere you start seeing ads for the place you have just visited. This is because Facebook tracks your location so that you can be shown advertisements from local businesses or things it thinks you may be interested.

To stop Facebook from tracking your location, both Android and iOS users can make a few simple changes to settings in the Facebook app or on their smartphone.


1. Open the Facebook app
2. Tap on the menu button
3. Then go to Account Settings > Location > Location Services > Off

If you’re using Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later, you can update the permissions for the Facebook app via the settings on your Android device.

Settings > Location Services > Facebook > App permissions > turn off the Location slider


1. Open the Facebook app
2. Tap on the menu button in the bottom right
3. Scroll down to Settings > Account Settings > Location > turn off Location History.

You can also control which apps have access to your location data by updating the settings on your iPhone.

Do this by going to:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Facebook > Allow location access ‘Never’.


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