How to stop people stalking you on Facebook


Pretty much all of us use Facebook these days but how do you stop someone from snooping on your profile?

From a disgruntled ex who wont take no for an answer to some internet weirdo, what can you do to make sure you keep your social media activity private?

Finding ways to keep away from these weirdos is something Facebook is constantly trying to improve.

A new tool “Privacy Basics” has just been launched as a one-stop shop for users who want to protect their profile and ensure that the right safeguards are in place.

Here are a few key ways to protect your Facebook profile:

1. Standards

There a set of “community standards” on Facebook by which everyone should adhere to. If you are aware of anyone breaking these standards you should report them immediately.

2. Air your concerns

If you do need to report anyone breaking the standards you should use the ‘Report’ option. The progress of any complaint can be tracked via the Support Dashboard.

3. Manage tagging

Tagging can be fun but there are perhaps some photos that we would probably like to avoid. Check your tagging settings to ensure that you are only tagged in appropriate images.

4. Use the Bullying Hub

Facebook recently launched Bullying Hub to which provides help and support to teenagers, parents and educators on issues related to bullying and other conflicts.

5. Control your Timeline

Only let your Facebook friends see your posts as well as using the option to review any posts that you have tagged in.

6. Protect your password

The old favourite of checking that your password and security settings are secure is very appropriate to Facebook.

A new setting allows you to turn on “login approvals” which will generate a “unique security code each time you access your Facebook account from a new device”. This will immediately flag up if someone is trying to access your profile from an unknown source.


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