How to take great photos on your iPhone 7 – according to Apple


Apple has released a series of free tutorial videos aimed at helping iPhone 7 owners take better photos.

Apple has always waxed lyrical on how great the iPhone is at taking photos, but this is the first time the Cupertino firm has provided information to users on how to take great shots.

The series is called How to shoot on iPhone 7 and includes 16 easy to follow videos.

The video are very simple, so simple in fact that they may not be of interest to advanced photographers, but for anyone else they offer useful tips on getting more out of your iPhone 7.

There are videos on such topics as “how to shoot without a flash” or “how to shoot a great portrait”.

Other videos give you tips on taking photos in low light, setting the selfie timer and even how to take a photo while filming, a feature which many iPhone 7 owners perhaps didn’t know was possible.

Apple also gives tips on taking action shots, which it says you should do by holding down the shutter button so that you take multiple photos before then going to your gallery and selecting your favourite from the burst of photos.

Each video is only about 30 seconds long so very easy to digest the information on offer.

While aimed at iPhone 7 owners, you will still find the tips useful if you own an older iPhone.


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