HTC’s mobile phone rap video is just awful


HTC released a new promo video this week, but the company has taken a somewhat unconventional approach with a two-minute rap video entitled “Hold The Crown” which starts rapper Doc G and another random guy known as “D 2 tha B” (though he is actually HTC’s David Bruce).


“We own the universe, your galaxy is overrated” -Doc G

HTC is not known for its marketing extravagance – it’s a relatively small firm that makes some excellent smartphones such as the HTC One M8, and its tagline has always been quietly brilliant. But how the times have changed, as in one fell swoop the company has managed to embarrass itself with the atrociously bad “music” (if you can call it that) video, which has been doing the rounds lately on various tech and mobile fan sites.

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The 2 minute video entitled “Hold The Crown” (H.T.C, see what they did there?) manages to pack in lots of awful jokes and mockeries of its rivals in an intentionally funny spoof, but one that comes across as completely unfunny.

HTC Rap Video Still

The video is supposed to be a spoof, but it’s just not funny

“It took you copycats six times to get it right,” was aimed squarely at Apple’s iPhone, but that line obviously means that they now approve of the iPhone 6 design.

There is also a YouTube interview with rapper Doc G (real name Greg Carr) conducted by D 2 tha B (David Bruce) which just makes things even worse if that were possible.

“Your style’s bent, ours is 90%”, he says in the interview, as well as “I have actually been recording rap using the HTC One M8 as a microphone”. Can’t wait to hear it.

You can watch the full rap video on YouTube here if you are in need of a good laugh.

Let us know in the comments whether you rate the video as actually any good, or is it a tragic mistake by HTC in need of some publicity.


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