HTC U11: World’s first squeezable smartphone launched – and it’s good news for customers in Thailand


A lot of smartphones look the same and have similar features but HTC have unveiled a new device that has a unique feature – it is squeezable.

The HTC U11 allows users to carry out certain tasks such as taking a picture by just squeezing the phone.

When you take selfies, you are less likely to drop your phone if you are holding securely around the edges so it certainly has its advantages.

The U11 also has another new feature, it is the first device to feature Amazon’s voice-powered digital assistant Alexa which enables users to get access to music as well as news and weather updates and a host of other things.

The HTC phone also features Google Assistant which will give owners even more options.

The also device has a 5.5-inch Quad HD display and what HTC calls a ‘Liquid Surface’ design.


It is powered by the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and has a 12MP rear camera that has ‘UltraSpeed’ focus meaning that every image will be blur free and pin-sharp.

The front facing camera is an impressive 16MP which can be optimised for low light.

The phone also includes the Taiwanese firm’s USonic Boomsound Hi-Fi Edition speakers give clear, loud sounds.

Noise cancelling headphones are also included but HTC have made the controversial decision to follow Apple footsteps and ditch the standard headphone socket.

Other features of the HTC U11 is that it is water resistant, has 64GB or 128GB of expandable storage and a battery which can be charged in just 30 minutes.

The device will be available in Amazing Silver, Solar Red, Brilliant Black and Ice White.

It is still unclear when the new device will be launched in Thailand and how much it will cost but HTC have confirmed the version of the U11 that will go on sale here will be a higher spec 6GB RAM/128GB version – great news!


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