HTC’s “Vive” virtual reality headset delayed until 2016


Anyone that loves the idea of virtual reality (VR) video games and was looking forward to the HTC Vive planned for next year will be in for a disappointment today, as the headset that was planned for late 2015 is now going to see a “staggered release” with a limited quantity of developer systems this year. The rest of the hardware aimed at regular consumers won’t arrive until 2016.

HTC’s VR headset delayed

The unexpected delay now means that the Vive is on track for a similar time frame to its nearest competitor, the Oculus Rift (owned by Facebook), which is also slated for Q1 next year. Both devices require a powerful gaming PC in order to work, adding to the overall cost.

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It also means that the Samsung Gear VR (a device powered by Oculus) is now the first high-end VR device to have a full consumer release, as long as the company can meet its self-imposed deadline. A developer edition of the Gear VR has been on sale since late 2014, and HTC has also shipped some developer kits of the Vive in June this year. However neither of those devices were aimed at consumers.

VR developers recently expressed concerns that HTC would delay the release of the Vive, ever since the struggling Taiwan-based smartphone company announced it would reduce its staff by 15% and cut costs by 35%.

SOURCE: re/code.


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