HTC Vive VR headset announced at MWC 2016


For those of you who like or should that be love gaming a new device is about to hit the streets with HTC just announcing their Vive headset at the MWC2016.

The headset that is manufactured in conjunction with Valve will go on sale in April this year with pre-orders being accepted from 29 February.

The HTC Vive headset will cost a jaw dropping $799 and for this you will get the Steam VR-powered device, headset, 2 Steam wireless controllers and 2 ‘lighthouse’ laser based stations that are capable of tracking motion movement along with a Vive link box so any hardcore gamers will be in their element and so they should be at that price!

Of course for $799 you want something a little bit more than just a games console.

HTC are looking to broaden the appeal of the device by, wait for it, enabling you to make phone calls and interact with your smartphone so that “you can stay connected with the real world, without exiting the virtual one.”

The device will initially be released in 24 countries if all the reports are to be believed further releases are likely to follow depending on the uptake after the initial launch.

HTC seem intent on conquering the virtual reality market and may feel that they have got the rise on the major competitor Sony. Only time will tell but HTC do appear to be extremely confident and they expect big things of Vive. As they say, watch this space and Sony we await your response!


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