Huawei Nexus may feature 5.7″ QHD screen, metal body, fingerprint reader


We’ve already written about the possibility that Huawei will produce the new Nexus device this year, but now it seems more certain that the Chinese company will be the chosen supplier.

A tweet from well known leaker Evan Blass has revealed today some previously unknown details about the supposed new model, the Huawei Nexus. If the information is accurate, we might see a new phone powered by a Snapdragon 820 CPU and with a 5.7-inch QHD display, a metal body and a fingerprint sensor.

Huawei Nexus coming in the autumn?

The fingerprint sensor however isn’t much of a surprise. First off, when Google announced Android M at its recent I/O conference, the company announced a new fingerprint API (for developers) and Android Pay. Furthermore, the number of companies adding fingerprint sensors to their phones recently has exploded.

More interesting is the fact that the phone may have a 5.-7-inch display. The current Nexus 6 is considered too large by some people with its 6-inch display. Going back to below the 6″ mark could be a wise choice to use a more sensible screen size.

The Huawei Nexus is said to be coming in Q4 this year, the usual timeframe for a new Nexus phone and just in time for the Christmas holiday season.

There have been similar reports online that Huawei will make the new Nexus, as part of choosing a Chinese company is intended to help Google get its other services, such as the Play Store, into China, where it’s currently severely restricted.

Of course, the information leaked today may be incorrect. But given Blass’ track record and reliability, and the fact that none of the leaks are unbelievable, it’s pretty hard to argue against.



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