Huawei P20 leaked: New images show redesigned phone with no physical buttons


Chinese Tech Giant Huawei is set to announce the release of their next flagship mobile phone the Huawei P20 in Paris next month.

Leaked photos on the new P20 have surfaced online and make for some interesting viewing.

The images of the suspected prototype, posted by Android Authority, which is a successor to last year’s P10 show a sleeker design with significant reduction on the bezels similar to the design of Huawei Mate 10.

The edges of the P20 seem to have no bezels, however, it is pure guesswork to know how far the viewable screen will stretch to edges.

What we have gathered from a closer inspection of the images is that the P20 does not appear to have any volume control buttons although a physical power button can be seen.

This may be due to the rumour the volume will be controlled by touch indicators above the power button where a simple swipe up or down will suffice.

Two speaker grilles can be seen on the bottom edge along with a USB Type-c port, note there is no headphone jack, this is a big shift away from the previous P10 which had one solitary speaker and headphone jack.

The cameras on the P20 images seem to fit seamlessly with the rest of the body of the device.

Previous P generations have used colour to differentiate the sections for the camera location.

Although this may seem a trivial detail it really helps the Huawei P20 to look a lot sleeker on a whole.

The cameras seen in the images of this prototype show dual cameras, it is reported that these leaked images are showing the standard variant of the P20 series, a premium variant of the phone also planned that will have three cameras on the back. We expect the premium device to be called P20 or P20 plus.

Image: Android Authority

Image: Android Authority

Image: Android Authority

Image: Android Authority

Image: Android Authority


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