Huawei Watch smartwatch is delayed until October


Speaking recently to Chinese media, He Gang, who is the head of Huawei‘s mobile division, says that the company’s first smartwatch, the Huawei Watch, will be delayed until September or October, meaning it won’t be officially launched until close to the end of the year.

The smartwatch was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year, when the company saying they were planning to launch around the middle of 2015.

Huawei Watch faces delays, incompatibility issues

The delay is apparently caused by incompatibility issues with Android Wear, say reports. That means that because Google Play service are not available in China, Huawei has had to build its own smartwatch service that match those built by Google.

With most smartwatches, the heavy lifting — i.e. scrolling, pressing, typing — are often deferred to a connected smartphone. Most of the standard Android Wear apps are fairly lightweight, that send you notifications from Gmail, presenting controls for music, and so on – services that are more essential to the watch’s functionality than on standard Android.

Huawei Watch

At least in China, Huawei has had to build its own smartphone and smartwatch apps that talk with each other back and forth. It’t not however clear that the issue of apps is the cause of the delay, but it seems probably. It’s also not clear yet if the delay will affect all the regions where the Huawei Watch is slated for release, because Google services are available in countries outside the Great Firewall. Huawei advertises Google Now support for the watch on its US website, for example.



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