Huge discounts on smartphones at Thailand Mobile Expo 2016


The Thailand Mobile Expo 2016 kicked off yesterday.

The event, which is being held at the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre is open until February 14th and hopes to attract almost 700,000 visitors, generating more than 1.4 billion THB in sales.

The highlight of the event sees Samsung launch its new ‘Galaxy A 2016 Series’ smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 offers a 5.5 inch display, 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage which can be expanded to 128GB via Micro SD. It also includes a 13 megapixel camera and is available for 15,900 THB.

The other new addition to the Samsung lineup is the slightly smaller Galaxy A5, with its 5.2 inch display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage space, which can also be expanded to 12GB, and 13MP camera. The Galaxy A5 is on sale for 13,900 THB.

Samsung Galaxy A Series

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The expo is also being used by Thailand’s leading mobile operators to heavily promote their new 4G services with the likes of Truemove, AIS and DTAC all offering special promotions and big incentives to customers.

DTAC for example, is offering buy-1-get-one-free on all 4G enabled smartphones as well as offering new customers 2,400 Baht discount on all smartphones.


Samsung phones at Thailand Mobile Expo 2016

AIS offers discounts on Samsung smartphones


AIS is also offering big discounts for anyone who signs up to its 4G service.

For example, the new Galaxy A smartphones mentioned above are available 5,000 Baht cheaper if you buy them from AIS. The company is also offering many of Samsung’s other leading handets from last year at discounted rates.

Whereas the AIS Super Lava 4G smartphone, a version of which we featured on ThaiTech last year, is available for just 990 THB, reduced from 3,590 THB and is perhaps not a bad option for anyone looking for a budget 4G enabled device.

Not to be outdone in the discount stakes, Truemove has knocked a whopping 8,000 Baht off the price of either a 32GB or 64GB Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Thailand Mobile Expo 2016

True knocks 8,000 Baht off the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

AIS, DTAC and True are offering big discounts on smartphones at this year’s expo to help try and persuade existing 2G and 3G customers to make the switch to 4G as the country’s leading telecom operators battle it out to become the leading provider of 4G services in Thailand.

With the aggressive promotional campaigns surrounding 4G, Thailand is expected to see double digit growth in smartphone sales this year, despite the country’s lackluster economy.

Increased sales will also see smartphone penetration in Thailand rise considerably in 2016.

Thailand’s smartphone penetration currently stands at 53 percent. However, by the end of the year, it is expected to reach 80 percent, with the growth of the lucrative 4G network being a major factor in the increase of smartphone sales in the country.

Thailand Mobile Expo 2016 pretties

Thailand Mobile Expo 2016 pretties

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  1. LordSnootyandHisPals on

    Samsung will shortly follow Nokia down the toilet; equally good and similarly specced Androids are increasingly out there at half the price. When dim wannabees get over their brand obsessions, Apple phones with their ridiculous prices will eventually follow suit.