HUGE leak claims to reveal all the new features of the iPhone 8


The speculation surrounding Apple’s new iPhone only looks set to intensity as the expected September release date edges ever closer.

For months there have been rumours purporting an infinity style full screen display and whether the home button will be moved to the rear of the device or embedded into the screen.

However, this weekend saw perhaps the two biggest leaks to date in the form of images leaked from China which claimed to show a version of Apple’s upcoming iPhone.

iPhone 8

The second major leak occurred on Reddit where people claiming to be from FoxConn (the company Apple uses to assemble iPhones) revealed a heap of information regarding new features on the device.

The FoxConn employees were allowed to post on Reddit after supplying moderators with enough and supporting documents which verified their claims.

Of course this is still no guarantee the leaked info is legitimate, however, it does perhaps give us the best insight yet into what to expect with the next iPhone.

The standout details from the leaked info posted on Reddit is as follows:

– It is likely to be called the iPhone X
– It will have a retina scanner and facial recognition
– 3GB RAM same as iPhone 7 Plus
– Apple will shun USB-C in favour of Lightning
– It will include dual front facing cameras
– Dual rear camera will be aligned vertically
– It will most probably look like the middle phone in the image here
– The fingerprint scanner will be on the front of the device
– The body will made of ‘composite glass’
– It will include wireless charging
– It will be water resistant
– Production is delayed

Meanwhile, a separate report from last week claimed Apple may unveil the new iPhone at its WWDC event which begins on Monday.

The claim came from Rod Hall, an analyst from financial services company J.P Morgan, who wrote to investors to say the iPhone 8 will be unveiled at the event alongside a new range of iPads.

However, despite the claims, many still believe the iPhone 8 will not be making an appearance at WWDC.


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