Huge Microsoft update brings a host of new features to Office iOS app


Microsoft announced a major update to its Office iOS app, which brings a host of new features developed with productivity in mind.

The new co-authoring feature allows collaborations in real-time for users and other team members on a Word, PowerPoint and Excel files.

The aim of this new feature is to help teams work in a timelier manner while increasing other output. This direction has the possibility to help Microsoft become more comparable with G-Suite. G-suite itself has evolved substantially and has begun to catch up to Enterprise over the last few years.

Corporate Vice President for OneDrive, SharePoint and Office, Jeff Teper said in a blog post: “As they work across their PCs, Macs and mobile devices, they expect an uncompromised experience that is familiar yet optimized for the device they are using.”

Office Online along with the software’s PC and Mac versions will also boast the new co-authoring feature. Users can access their files and work by saving to SharePoint or OneDrive.

With remote workers now having the ability to work together in real-time with their colleagues elsewhere this will result in better interaction throughout, making the hiring of telecommuters a more attractive option to companies.

These new additional features enable the user to drag and drop files to increase efficiency, collaboration and organisation.

The drag and drop feature works across the full suite of Microsoft Office apps allowing users to easily move and share files to a new folder or to OneDrive. SharePoint can also accept files using this method making it easy to quickly share with other team members.

A redesign of the OneDrive app now makes it even easier to use, now over 130 types of files can be previewed. Microsoft hopes these new features will enhance its product even more to their current users on iOS and increase the appeal to potential new users.


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