Hundreds of millions of users are ditching Internet Explorer, but why?


Internet Explorer and Edge has lost an astonishing 331 million users in the last year, new data has revealed.

The first half of 2016 saw an incremental decline of Internet Explorer users, but after May that decline started to increase at an alarming rate, losing around 40 million users in October alone.

It is feared that by March next year, Internet Explorer may hold less than 20% of the market share.

It appears that most of those users leaving Internet Explorer have moved over to Firefox so Mozilla has been the major beneficiary driving a huge turnaround for the company.

After a steady decline, Firefox has bounced back in the last couple of months.

The data which comes from web analytics firm Net Applications, claims that Internet Explorer’s marketshare has dropped from 44 percent at the start of 2016 to a meagre 23 percent by oCtober this year.

In addition, the poor performance of Edge could be due to its lack of availability as it is only available on Windows 10 which accounts for only 22% of the PC OS market.

Chrome on the other hand can be used on all Windows versions and even on the MacOS.

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Microsoft could perhaps take heart from Firefox’s resurgence and hope that it follows their lead.

Some commentators have claimed the cause of the decline is in part due to Microsoft’s aggressive promotional tactics, including its somewhat forceful roll out of Windows 10, which of course includes the Edge browser. Rather than engaging users, Microsoft has actually been turning off customers, giving them more reason to abandon Edge altogether.

That might explain why they have been losing users despite the browser being critically acclaimed for its features and performance.

Earlier this year, Microsoft boasted about the battery saving capabilities of Edge against other leading web browsers. In a video, the tech giant said that devices running Windows 10 and using Edge can outlast devices running Firefox, Opera or Chrome.

According to data previously released by another web analytics firm StatCounter, Google Chrome is used by a staggering 70 percent of all Windows 10 users.


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