I Know What You Download: Scary spy website reveals everything you and your friends have torrented


If you use BitTorrent or other torrent clients without a VPN, you had better read this.

A new website claims it knows everything you and your friends have downloaded using torrents.

The website, I Know What You Download, reveals millions of IP addresses of users who have downloaded torrents.

The tools works by looking up your IP address and matching it with the IP address attached to a torrent download.

When you visit the site, the tool displays your IP address and then lists anything that it thinks has been downloaded from that address.

The tool even offers a sneaky way of uncovering the download habits of your friends.

Users are given the option to send a link to the site to one of their friends via Facebook.

Once your friend clicks on the link, I Know What You Download, records their IP address and then lists everything they have torrented.

I Know What You Download

List of recent downloads from a Google Fiber user in Utah. Image: Torrent Freak.

The people behind the site claim they are doing so to showcase their services to law enforcement officials in order to stop illegal content, as well as to copyright owners interested in protecting their content.

“We’ve set up the site for promotional purposes and as a demonstration of our capabilities,” Marketing director Andrey Rogov told TorrentFreak.

“We are engaged in the distribution of information relating to torrent downloading activity to rightsholders, advertising platforms, law-enforcement and international organizations.”

The site claims it already has 70 million unique IP addresses in its database after being online for little over one month.

Similar tools are already used by ISPs and content creators to crackdown on people illegally downloading movies and TV shows.

However, it should be stressed that if you use I Know What You Download, you do so at your own risk!

Should you be worried?

While you probably shouldn’t expect a knock on the door that you downloaded a torrent, if nothing else I Know What You Download reinforces the importance of using a VPN or Proxy in order to help you stay secure online.

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