If the iPhone 8 ends up looking like this, you’re going to want one


Apple’s iPhone 8 is the most eagerly anticipated smartphone of 2017.

With Apple tipped to pull out all the stops to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, the iPhone 8 is expected to be something really special.

Now a series of new renders have been released which if turn out to be accurate, will give us all reason to want to upgrade to Apple’s upcoming handset.

The renders have been created by Martin Hajek who used the latest information on what Apple is rumoured to be planning for the iPhone 8.

The images reveal a stunning white and black handset with a huge bezel-less screen.

iPhone 8

Image: Martin Hajek

On the reverse of the phone is the vertical dual camera setup which is expected to bring with it a host of new features related to augmented reality.

One notable absence is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor which according to a recent report, will be dropped from the upcoming iPhone, in favour of facial recognition which you will use to unlock the new handset.

One thing that does seem certain is that Apple will follow Samsung’s lead with regards to the display.

While the iPhone 8 is gearing up to be the must have smartphone for Apple fans, a recent investors note claimed that the handset could be in fairly short supply when it is officially launched, resulting in delays for customers wanting to get their hands on the new device.

Although it is expected to be launched in September, the delays could mean that fans won’t be able to get hold of an iPhone 8 until the beginning of 2018.

Apple is also tipped to release updated versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, alongside the iPhone 8.

The new handsets are expected to be ‘iterative’ updates, which won’t include any major changes but are likely to include improved processors and increased storage options.

Image: Martin Hajek

Image: Martin Hajek

Image: Martin Hajek


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