If you are tired of Chrome and Firefox, you may want to give Vivaldi a try


The new Vivaldi web browser that we initially told you about last year is now available to download, the company has announced.

Launched as a beta back in January 2015, Vivaldi 1.0 is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Created by Opera co-founder and former CEO Jon von Tetzchner, Vivaldi is aimed at power or high volume web users.

It includes a number of interesting features including Tab Stacks, Fast Forward and Rewind as well as out of the box custom keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

The address bar is also an interesting feature that lets you know how much data web page has consumed.

The “page actions” option is also novel. This allows you to use a range of different effects on a web page such as greyscale for example.

The Tab Stack Tiling which is aimed at big screens allows users to see multiple pages at any one time. Sessions, another impressive feature lets you save your favourite tabs for retrieval at a later date.

Notes is a built in note taking option that allows users to add notes or take screenshots of web pages that they are browsing – something that would be extremely useful for web designers.

It is fair to say that Vivaldi and Google Chrome share a lot of things in common but this is probably down to the fact that they are both built on top of Chromium and use the same source code.

You can download Vivaldi 1.0 from the company’s website.

Source: Vivaldi


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