If you download files from BitTorrent using a Mac you had better read this


Mac users are being warned about a new strain of ransomware that uses BitTorrent to target Apple’s macOS.

The ransomware works by disguising itself as a crack to get free access to programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Premier Pro.

However, when the malicious file is opened the ransomware locks all the files on the computer before issuing the victim with a README file that informing them it will cost 0.25 Bitcoin (approx 9,900 baht) to recover the locked files.


However, the ransomware is particularly dangerous due to the fact it has been poorly designed and coded, meaning that even if the victim pays the ransom, the encryption can not be unlocked.

“This new crypto-ransomware, designed specifically for macOS, is surely not a masterpiece,” said ESET who discovered the ransomware.

“Unfortunately, it’s still effective enough to prevent the victims accessing their own files and could cause serious damage.”


According to ESET, anyone who is a victim of the ransomware should not pay the ransom and instead restore your machine to a previous backup.

While viruses on mac OS are uncommon, it is a myth that Apple’s ecosystem is some kind of sterile environment free from the type of malware and viruses found on Windows and Android.

ESET also recommends that Mac users install some kind of security product/anti virus on their device and always make sure they make regular backups of important data.


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