If you get sent this link on WhatsApp, whatever you do don’t open it


WhatsApp users are being warned about a scam which claims to offer new options that will let you customise the popular messaging app.

The malicious message reads: “Now you can change your WhatsApp and leave it with your favourite colour.”

As soon as you open the message, you are then asked to send it to 12 of your friends in order to activate the new custom colour feature.

Once ‘activated’, you are told the new colours can only be access via desktop by downloading an extension called BlackWhats from the Chrome Web Store.

However, the Chrome extension is fake and by downloading it you could be inadvertently installing dangerous adware onto your device, while at the same time potentially infecting 12 of your friends.


This isn’t the first time WhatsApp users have been targeted with scam messages.

Earlier this year millions of users were sent messages claiming that WhatsApp was going to start charging users to send messages.

The message claimed there would be a daily fee to use the service and that the only way to avoid paying was to send the same message to 10 other contacts.

However, it was all a hoax.

The official advice from WhatsApp is to block anyone who sends you scam messages.

In the case of the BlackWhats Chrome extension it is another reminder to be mindful of any links you click on, even if they appear legitimate and don’t install random extensions or apps.

Update: Google has now removed the BlackWhats extension from the Chrome store, however, users who already downloaded it may still be at risk. If this is you, make sure all you anti virus software is up to date and you run a full virus scan of your device.

H/T: The Next Web


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