If you have dropped your smartphone in water, these tips could help save the day


Most have us have experienced the horror of dropping a smartphone in water. This could be in the sea, in the toilet or quite frankly anywhere else where there is water.

There is however the opportunity to save your device if you act quickly and follow these steps:

Get it out quick!

This may seem obvious but when the initial shock hits sometimes you don’t react as quickly as you could, perhaps thinking about how much a replacement will cost rather than doing anything about it.

The quicker you act, the less water will enter the phone and this not surprisingly increases your phone’s chances of survival.

Common sense should be used here and you should not recover your phone if it is dangerous to do so – after all your survival is more important than your phones.

Turn it off

If the device is still turned on turn, turn it off ASAP.

A phone that is turned on has a greater chance of short circuiting the circuit board.

If you are unsure if it is on or off, press the power button quickly to see if there is any life. If there is, turn it off immediately, if there isn’t – keep it off.

Dry it off

Now dry off the smartphone. If possible remove the battery, SIM card and any microSD card. Any other form of power should also be removed and remove the back panel if your device allows this.

Don’t blow dry it

Your initial response maybe to dry your phone with a blow drier. This is not a wise move as the heat from the drier can destroy the internal components rendering the device useless.

Use cat litter

Research from earlier this year found that cat litter – the crystal kind – was most effective for helping to dry out a wet smartphone.

Experts say you should leave your smartphone to air dry first before placing it in a bag of cat litter for at least three days.

If you can’t get hold of crystal cat litter than silica gel packs or rice are both good alternatives.


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