If your MacBook Pro is making a weird popping sound, you could be in for some bad news


MacBook Pro users are reporting a strange ‘popping sound’ coming from their laptops.

A growing number of users have taken to social media and Apple’s official support pages to complain about the noise, which is said to sound similar to when you “slowly squeeze a plastic bottle”.

The problem, which was first reported by 9to5Mac, affects the new 15 inch MacBook Pro, the one with a Touch Bar that was released in 2016.

It is not known what causes the issue. Some people commenting online claim that heat could be a possible cause the issue only seems to occurs when the MacBook is under stress.

A user who commented on Apple’s support forum said: “Mine only exhibits the popping sound when it warms up under processor load, then I don’t hear it again until it cools down.”

However, others speculated it was due to an issue with the hinges and plastic mount, which may have lost some of its sturdiness.

“I think the problem is actually from the hinges, as there is some natural flexing in the aluminum back of the display. I think the heat has affected the glue or some plastic mount in the display assembly”, one user wrote.

While another user said: “I am able to constantly reproduce the sound by pressing right at the bottom of the screen assembly in the middle”.

Apple’s response to the issue has been mixed, according to reports.

One MacBook user reported taking his laptop into an Apple store so the issue could be fixed but was told the problem was not covered under warranty.

“I took my laptop in to the genius bar for this popping noise. They said it is caused by this small dent on the bottom casing hitting the fan,” one user told 9to5Mac.

“They told me I had to replace the entire bottom casing for $130.”

“Not covered under warranty because its user inflicted damage / a wearable part.”


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