If your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 breaks, you probably won’t be able to repair it


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gets a low score of four out of ten when it comes to repairs according to an iFixit report, marginally better than the three out of ten scored by Samsung Galaxy S7.

iFixit claims that some of the components can be replaced independently including the “charging port board can be removed without a need to disassemble the display” although other factors can make the repairs difficult.

The report stated that despite of the fact that the “battery can be removed without first ousting the motherboard, but tough adhesive and a glued-on rear panel make replacement very difficult.”

The glass front means that both the front and back panels are both prone to cracking easily which make repairs even harder. Also, if you shatter the glass it cannot be repaired without “destroying the display” meaning users have to take extra care with the device.

As a suitable comparison, the iPhone 6S scored a quite impressive seven out of ten when it comes to repairs.

It was noted that the display assembly is far easier to remove which naturally makes screen repairs far simpler on the iPhone as too can the removal of the battery.

An interesting point was raised by iFixit in which it said that the iPhone 6S was actually more water resistant than Cupertino had advertised.

The Galaxy Note 7 is due for release in Thailand in early September and is the first ever smartphone to be shipped with an iris scanner which is used to unlock the phone and access apps.


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