IFTTT Introduces Three New “Do” Apps


IFTTT is expanding from a single app to a family of apps. The internet automation service is introducing three new “do” apps for Android and iOS and will be rebranding its main application.

The new apps and rebranding are an attempt to simplify the company’s service and make it more accessible to the everyday person. IFTTT was created to automate web tasks, like automatically backing up accounts and uploading them to Dropbox, or recording notes to Evernote.

IFTTT’s new suite of apps is designed to automate photo, text and other inputs. The founder of IFTTT says the new apps are the company’s first steps towards creating a “remote control” for the Internet.

The new IFTTT flagship app will have its name shortened to IF. The three new apps include Do Camera, Do Button and Do Note.

With the Do Camera app, you can route where your photos go. For instance, you might upload all the photos you take in the app to a certain Facebook album or automatically email the photos to friends.

The Do Note app allows you to take text snippets and save it to Evernote, post it on Twitter or save it to your Google Calendar.

The Do Button will give you convenient access to your IFTTT recipes. You can program the app to perform up to three actions. The Do Button app is easily accessible through the Home screen of your smartphone. With just one tap, you can set your Nest Thermostat or turn your lights on and off.

Currently, the Do Button app suggests dozens of recipes to new users to simplify and automate routine tasks on the web. Of course, you can also build your own recipes through the company’s 167 active channels, including Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Pocket, Slack, Twitter and more.

IFTTT says this is just the first step towards creating a so-called Internet remote control. Simplifying the company’s automation service will help bring it to the mainstream.


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