iHealth Core HS6 “smart scale” does much more than tell you your weight


It’s not just how much you weigh

By Paisal Chuenprasaeng
The Nation

An IoT insurance policy, the HS6 ‘smart scale’ lets you track vital statistics

You don’t use the iHealth Core HS6 “smart scale” just to find out how many kilos you weigh, although that of course is a key function. It also helps you track eight other aspects of health for a more complete understanding of your overall weight.

The HS6 from iHealth Labs Inc is a must-have Internet of Things device for anyone who’s keen to maintain optimum health. A Wi-Fi connection link to cloud storage with your iHelath Labs account, storing evolving data on weight, body fat, BMI (Body Mass Index), bodywater ratio, lean mass, visceral fat rating, muscle mass, bone mass and daily calorie intake.

All you need to do is download and install the iHealth MyVitals app, which is available for both iOS and Android systems. Next register for an account.

The smart scale comes with four AAA batteries already in place. You simply remove a piece of plastic blocking electricity and the scale comes to life.

It initially prompts for “Set”, meaning you need to link it to your home Wi-Fi router using the app. Log into your account and add the HS6 using “Set up my devices”.

Now, use the app to scan the QR code at the back of the scale, and your profile will be stored as the device’s main user. Up to 10 profiles can be stored, and each of these can hold up to 200 offline measurements before they’re uploaded to the cloud via Wi-Fi.

The app will now fetch the measurements for you to read or, if you like, share on Facebook.

I had no problem connecting the HS6 to my Linksys EA8500 router even from separate floors of the house. Data syncing was all done automatically.

The smart scale has four contact conductors on which you stand, each foot on two contacts.

The HS6 uses bio-impedance to calculate total bodywater ratio by determining the hindrance of electrical flow through the body. From that information, it estimates all the other crucial body data.

As a bonus, the HS6 has a sensor for measuring indoor temperature and humidity.

How useful is all this monitoring? The Visceral Fat Rating, for example, tells you how much fat you have in the abdominal wall, which is an important aid in avoiding diabetes.

Body Fat tells you the percentage of body fat in ratio to weight, and the lower that is, the better.

Best of all, the HS6 is compatible with popular health-tracking apps, such as Apple Health Kit, Samsung S Health, my-fitness-pal and RunKeeper.

TrueMove H distributes the iHealth Core HS6 smart scale as part of its range of IoT gadgets. You pay Bt4,900 at any True shop or www.WeMall.com.

iHealth Core HS6 “smart scale” KEY SPECS

– Bodyweight range: Five to 180kg

– Bodyfat measurement range: Five to 65 per cent

– Body water measurement range: 20 to 85 per cent

– Visceral fat rating range: One to 59

– Body fat: 1 per cent

– Body water: 1 per cent

– Body muscle mass: 1 per cent + 0.1kg

– Bones mass: 0.3kg

– Visceral fat rating: 2

– Daily calorie intake: 200kcal

– Power: Four AAA batteries included

– Dimensions: 350x350x28.5mm

– Weight: 2.5kg excluding battery


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