Imgur now offers free unlimited photo storage for everyone


The popular photo sharing service Imgur has announced that its ‘Pro’ version, which offers users unlimited uploads, is now free of charge for anyone who wants it.

Previously the Pro version was available via a subscription of $2.95 per month, which in addition to unlimited uploads, also included numerous analytic tools and other features such as commenting and sharing.

The good news is that as part of the company’s sixth birthday celebrations, it has been announced that everyone using the service will automatically be upgraded to the Pro version, free of charge.

However, whilst users can now enjoy unlimited storage of photos free of charge, there is a slight catch with freebie offer.

The main catch being that Imgur is now ad supported throughout, meaning that everyone will see ads, as there is now no ad-free option.

The other catch is that all users are now capped to host images up to 5MB in size before Imgur compresses them to a smaller size, whereas Pro users could previously host images up to 10MB in size.

It is also worth noting that anyone who signed up for a Pro account in the past 30 days will automatically received a refund from Imgur.

Source: Imgur blog


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