Incredible video reveals terrifying robot dog that can open doors


Softbank owned Boston Dynamics well known for their outrageous developments in the robotics sector have showcased their latest project which now has the ability to open and closed doors.

This new project seems to be an upgrade to their previous SpotMini robotic dog, although this new incarnation features a mechanical arm allowing the ‘dog’ the ability to pull, push and grab handles and hold open the door while it passes through it.

When an original SpotMini awaits for the door to be opened by a human the new upgraded dog will come along to open it instead.

This is not the first time Boston Dynamics have wowed the world with their robotic inventions. The company regularly uploads new videos of their latest and greatest inventions and sets the internet on fire!

The Humanoid robot named Atlas was previously shown by the company walking in the snow, lifting boxes and also opening doors.

The video that shows the Atlas unfazed when a box is knocked out of his hands has racked up over 27 million hits in the two years it has been online.

Twitter users have voiced their concerns that this new technology although may have lots of useful applications such as assisting the disabled or elderly is more Terminator than Wall-E.


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