Incredible video shows what a pilot sees when landing in thick cloud


An incredible video shows the moment a pilot skillfully and safely lands a plane through a blanket of thick cloud.

The video was taken from the cockpit of a Qatar Airways 787 Dreamliner as it landed at Queenstown Airport in New Zealand.

The video gives a fascinating insight into a part of air travel rarely seen by regular passengers.

During the 2 minute 20 second clip the plane can be seen cruising over beautiful mountains before it is hit with a blanket of thick cloud with zero visibility.

The plane then suddenly bursts out of the cloud cover and approaches the airport runway at high speed.

The clip, which was taken by Captain Sandeep Varma who posted it on Twitter, has been shared more than 29,000 times and was met with a mix of reactions.

Some people called the footage “beautiful” while others describe it as “terrifying”.


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