Indian mobile startup ZipDial bought by Twitter


Twitter has announced it will buy ZipDial, the Indian mobile phone marketing startup for between $30 and $40 million.

The move is seen as a significant push by the US based social media giant to tap into the Indian mobile phone market, which is one the fastest growing in the world.

ZipDial works by giving providing clients with telephone numbers for use in marketing campaigns. The user then hangs up before the call connects, so they do not incur any charges.

They then receive a promotional SMS informing them about the business the user called.

This is kind of like a ‘one ring’ or ‘one bell’, which people in India often do to communicate with friends when they arrive at an agreed meeting point, for example.

This method of marketing enables users to receive promotional information, content or information on the business in question for free, which in somewhere like India and the rest of the developing world is a great way of communicating with users who perhaps may not be able to afford mobile data plans.

In a post on Twitter’s official blog, India marketing director wrote: “Our primary mission, bolstered by this acquisition, is to help every Indian with a mobile device get a great, relevant Twitter experience.”

Valerie Wagoner, ZipDial’s chief executive said the deal was a “huge achievement”.

Twitter did not reveal exactly how much the deal is worth but TechCrunch is saying its in the region of $30 to $40 million.

Founded in 2010, ZipDial is very much a part of India’s fledgling startup scene, the epicentre of which is located in the southern region of Bengaluru, which widely regarded as India’s tech hub.


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