Indiegogo’s Canary Now in Best Buy


Canary raised money on Indiegogo in 2013 in hopes of bringing a home monitoring system to the masses. Many products never make it out of their prototype stage, but Canary has been a success.

The project took 18 months, but consumers can now buy their all-in-one home monitoring system for $249.

The company has secured distribution partnerships with Best Buy, Home Depot, Verizon and Amazon. A spokesperson for the company has confirmed that Canary hopes to start selling their product internationally by the end of the year.

Canary is different from other monitoring systems due to its ability to learn from user habits. Small in size, Canary uses sensors, cameras and microphones to monitor a space. The accompanying app allows users to tap into their monitoring system to view their home in real-time.

The company states that the product will be able to differentiate from an intruder and a roommate. Canary will even be able to tell the difference between a pet and a person to ensure that false alarms are kept to a minimum.

Backers of the company’s Indiegogo campaign have helped the company during the beta testing phase. Unlike most projects, after the company’s $100k goal hit $500k+ in backing, the company went on to secure $10 million in Series A funding.


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