Infected with ransomware? This new site will help you tackle cyber crime


European police agency Europol has teamed up with online security companies and law enforcement organisations to create a new initiative designed reduce the increase  in ransomware.

The No More Ransom website has been created in partnership with Kaspersky Labs, Intel Security and Dutch Police and provides users with downloadable tools that can help unlock computers infected with ransomware.

Kaspersky say that the number the number of cases where users have fallen victim to ransomware attacks has risen by more than 550 percent in the past 12 months alone.

The group say there has been an “exponential” rise in ransomware with both consumers and businesses being targeted.

Many people often fall victim to ransomware attacks as they are often unaware of the threat and do not know how to keep their online data safe.

As well as providing users with downloadable tools that can help users recover their personal data once it has been stolen by cyber criminals, No More Ransom will also help to educate and inform users on the latest ransomware scams.

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There’s also a section on the history of ransomware as well as more detailed guidelines on how to avoid being infected with ransomware in the first place.

No More Ransom

No More Ransom website

The advice given by the No More Ransom is straightforward enough and is something that all users should get into the habit of doing.

Regularly backup your data, make sure all software is up to date, use good anti virus software, be wary of file extensions and email attachments and trust absolutely no one online.

By doing all of the above you should greatly reduce the chances of you falling victim to a ransomware attack.

The huge surge in cases of ransomware attacks, including some pretty high profiles attacks on hospitals, means that users now need to be aware of the dangers of ransomware than ever before.

With No More Ransom, users now have a central place where they can find up to date information on the latest threats and how they can avoid becoming a victim.

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